2010 Volvo S60, what’s in store

1 03 2009

Volvo’s  Sports Sedan the S60 is getting a makeover in 2010.  Volvo has a lot of competition in this class with BMW, Audi, and even the American car makers making headway (e.g. The Pontiac G8).   The new S60 must be sleeker, quicker, and have some high tech bells and whistles.    I’m excited to see what Volvo will come up with.

Items featured in the 2010 Volvo S60 Concept (What will make it into the production model….only time will tell):

  • Viking longboat headlamps.
  • Cleaner lines inside and out.
  • Car and pedestrian detection system.
  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Reduced CO2  emissions:
  • high-efficiency GTDi (Gasoline Turbocharged Direct Injection) technology.
  • Stratified combustion. The combustion chamber is designed such that a mist consisting of the optimal blend of air and fuel is formed around the spark plug, surrounded in turn by pure air. This allows the engine to operate with a surplus of air, thus cutting fuel consumption.
  • Start/stop, a functionality that switches off the engine when the car is at a standstill.
  • Powershift. Two manual gearboxes work in parallel, each regulated by its own clutch.
  • EPAS (Electric Power Assisted Steering). In principle an “electric servo” where the conventional hydraulic pump has been replaced by an electric motor.
  • “DRIVe-Mode”. Gives the driver the possibility of reducing fuel consumption via an “economy mode” that limits the function of a number of selected electrical or mechanical systems.
  • Grille shutter. A wind-deflecting panel that can be closed to reduce air drag when there is less need for cooling air.
  • Flat underbody panels.
  • The use of lightweight materials in the car body.

For pics of the 2010 S60 concept go to the Volvo Newsroom.