Volvo’s new Flexifuel 2.5FT Engine

14 05 2009

Flexifuel 2.5FTVolvo’s E85 Flexifuel engine just got some HP.  The new five-cylinder 2.5-liter Flexifuel engine, dubbed the 2.5FT gains 30hp over its predecessor the 2.5F.  With the 30hp gain, the engine also cuts fuel costs by 5-6% ,depending on transmission.

“This technical advance shows that we can give buyers of our larger cars an attractive combination of enhanced driving pleasure and better environmental properties. Few, if any, of our competitors can match our ever-wider and more efficient green-car model range,” says Magnus Jonsson, Senior Vice President, Product Development at Volvo Cars. He adds: “The new 2.5FT variants will be a particularly attractive choice for company car customers. Since the hike in torque gives far better pulling power, driveability in both the Volvo S80 and Volvo V70 gets a real boost. At the same time, fuel economy is noticeably better. Fuel consumption will drop most significantly among cars that cover long distances on the highway and motorway.”

The 2.5FT will be available in June on the S80 and V70 models.