Esref Armagan completes painting of S60

7 12 2009

In our October 2009 post “Blink Artist first to see 2010 S60“,  we talked about blind artist Esref Armagan going to Volvo to paint the 2010 S60.  Well Esref has completed the painting (see below) and it’s up for sale on ebay.

2010 S60 Armagan

Using his hands as sensors Esref Armagan felt his way round the all-new Volvo S60 with its dynamic sculpted form with his hands and then did the painting all the while he was documented on film. The resulting documentary Volvo S60 Blind Preview got an  overwhelming reception from Volvo fans around the world.  Please find the film below.


Blind Artist first to see 2010 S60

26 10 2009

Turkish artist Esref Armagan is renowned throughout the world for his unique feel for perspective and shape. He was the very first non-employee to be invited to Volvo Cars in Sweden to see and paint the still-secret new Volvo S60. Although the car will not be launched until 2010, Volvo is already revealing his interpretation on Facebook.

But there is an exciting twist to the story: Esref Armagan is blind.